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Yeah… Let’s Thin Out!


Take one hour, three bags or boxes, and a magic marker.  Label them “Donation,” “Get Rid Of,” “Carie.“Go through your spring clothes, and make decisions.  It’s time for out with the old and in with some new!

1)  Any holes, pilling, fading, has bad spots – “Get Rid Of
2)  If it’s too tight, too short, outdated – “Donation” of your choice
3)  If you haven’t worn it in a year or two, there may be something wrong with it – perhaps a style or color issue.  Bring it in, and ask Carie why it doesn’t work for you.  She may have some good suggestions.
Now you are ready for two or three new spring outfits, two new scarves, and two new necklaces.  This is an easy, cost effective way to keep your wardrobe fresh, fitting properly, and currently in style.

If you need extra help, schedule a Style Consult with Carie to go over your best neckline, best lengths, and best fit.  A Style Consult will also help you decide if you should wear structured vs flowy tops.  It will determine your best clothing personality based on color and body line.  Having a Style Consult takes the guess work out of shopping, getting dressed in the morning, packing for trips, accessorizing, and organizing so you can dress well with no stress!


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