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Summer Pink


Everything about summer is pink!  From flowers to scarves, to bathing suit covers and flip flops.  The “summer” clients can look all about a hazy summer day to see what colors would be in their palette to build the best wardrobe.  Brides can mix pink with any other colors to brighten up a memorable day!

At Visibility we have lush hues of pink in glosses, lip coverings, and blush.  Stop by and have Carie see what’s your best pink!

Mary has many, many choices of beautiful pink jewelry in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – like  rose quartz, rhodonite, and rhodocrosite in semi-precious stones.  In Swarovski cyrstal we have rose, light rose, and fushia.  Pink pearls in many shades can brighten any wardrobe.  Our favorite pink necklace is a 48″ beauty with a wide variety of stones and glass beads.  We have just added some spectacular Swarovski neon pink pearls – wow – not to be missed!


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