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Mary Greely – Jewelry Designer…


It’s a first for Mary Greely, one of Visibility’s partners and  jewelry designer, – Wow, a half off special!  Wow, again!

You are now able to pick up your favorite earrings – pearls, crystals, glass, Lucite, and so many other semi-previous stone earrings at both of our stores – Visibility uptown on Washington Avenue and Port Boutique downtown in the Old Port at Wharf Street (across from Beal’s Ice Cream)… Mary is going to be offering this special from Thursday – July 18th to Saturday July 20th!

You will be in awe at the wide variety of designs Mary has created.  At Visibility our focus is on color and style for your best image.  Mary has created designs for everyone’s face shape and clothing color.  Truly every pair is a custom design just for your season.  After you have your color and style done by Carie Costello – jewelry is the first thing for you to test your newly learned skills on… and you immediately see that it works!  And every time you come into either shop – it’s the 2,000 pairs of earrings that greet you!  …and Mary knows where every pair is in both stores plus she can share a little story to go with them.