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Visibility has offered DIBI of Italy products for all skin types since 2003…

Ever wonder how Italian women’s skin looks so healthy, full-of-life, and utterly flawless? Visibility has the answer right here:  a regular routine of facial treatments and daily care with great products.  A skincare line that guarantees to energize, revitalize, and generally brighten the appearance of skin.

The high-quality products used in every facial treatment are effective and long-lasting, and the same products we offer to our clients.  We cannot stop the aging procuess, but we can s-l-o-w it down!

 Facial Treatments include:

  • Premier Facial Treatments for women and men are – 65 min for $75.00
  • Teen Facial Treatments (for acne and rough skin) – 60 min for $55
  • Express Facial – (clean, exfoliate, massage, mask!) 35 minutes for $50


Our NEWEST Facial Treatment – the “Express Facial Treatment” is ideal to jump start your skin.  A quick and effective treatment is great for clients in need of skin care with limited time and money.  It’s an easy and economical way to introduce your skin to a regular routine of a quality treatment to keep your skin looking younger, clearer, and smoother!  After three treatments, you will notice a difference in your skin immediately.  The perfect treatment for everybody…just do it!

No matter which service you select, youthful, healthy looking skin requires maintenance!