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Perk Up for Fall

Carie and Stuart
Carie and Stuart
Carie and Stuart

September is all about new beginnings – whether you have sent a child off to school or just passed a big yellow school bus full of kids, mothers inevitably think about me time.  That me time comes in many different formats – from finishing a cup of coffee while it’s still hot to cleaning away summer stuff – eventually we get to the most serious real me time.

We take a look at our clothes closet and wonder what still fits, what to toss, what to salvage, what to add to change it up.  We just want to feel good about ourselves.  Oh, sure, 20 lost pounds would be wonderful, but we know we have to put clothes on to walk out of the house… it’s the reality! So what to do for you!  Where do you begin…

How about we begin with hair and makeup? Carie and Stuart have put together an opportunity for women to review their hair styles/color and makeup. Why not schedule a free “10 Minute Review” in the month of September to explore what changes may be possible for you.  Naturally, you may walk in, and Stuart and Carie will work their magic for you if they are not booked. After that…we can help you to make it happen!

Make the commitment to you while you finish that hot cup of coffee…