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Let’s talk brows


Let’s talk eyebrows… let’s talk wax… let’s talk Waxer… let’s talk investment!

Professionally waxed eyebrows help to make you look more rested, more dynamic, more put together, and it’s an inexpensive skin maintenance essential. At Visibility we believe waxing is “…not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind. . . healthy skin and beautifully shaped brows!” Our wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50% – almost painless!

Susan DeMauro at Visibility, who has been waxing greater Portland’s brows, faces, lips, and chins, is often called the Waxing Queen. Susan is noted for the personal and professional pride she takes in each clients’ appearance… her work is meticulous. Visibility clients leave Susan looking and feeling better in so many big ways. She ensures that each client’s brows match their face and personality…with 14 years of experience, there is not a brow shape she hasn’t seen and conquered!

As we age, brows often diminish and fade unevenly leaving what appear to be gaps. Waxing cannot correct natural issues. At Visibility we offer a fabulous solution to help brighten your brows – Brow Ink. Brow Ink is longwearing and color rich. It’s effortless to apply and dries to a clear water resistant finish – it doesn’t flake, cake, or smudge. Brows are defined instantly. It comes in blonde and brunette. Carie can match the perfect shade for you.