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A Friend who loves Visibility


Our clients come to us for many different reasons -to find a new outfit,  get their brows waxed, get their hair or nails done, or find a new pair of earrings.  Sometimes to stay in touch as friends.  Ginny Putnam has been a friend of Mary, Susan, and Carie for over thirty years.  Ginny was a high school counselor at Kennebunk High School and was a colleague of Mary’s, academic counselor to Carie, and friend of Susan’s.  It’s just been wonderful to have her now as a continued friend at Visibility.

Ginny just loves our clothes, waxing, and makeup, but her go to product is Visibility’s Face Primer.  She likes the way it prepares her skin for makeup going on smoothly and evenly.  In her 80 plus years Ginny has always enjoyed dressing well and looking good.  Visibility’s Face Primer is one way to keep looking good at any age!!


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