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It’s a June of easy, breezy outfits!


IMG_3289 (266x360)Summer colors are bright and bold – like emerald, orange, and lemon, nectarine, and periwinkle.  All the colors that wow us and make such fun wonderful warm weather outfits.    We seemed to have been propelled into hazy, hot, and humid weather very quickly this year throwing us all into the perennial dilemma of, “I don’t have anything to wear!!”  So if this season caught you by surprise this is a great solution for you… stop by Visibility, and let us do the work for you!  Pick up neutral capris or skirt and a fun top, and let’s build from there.

At Visibility and Port Boutique we have the specialty items needed to outfit you for everyday living such as… bold and smaller pocketbooks, sassy scarves, hip hats, dramatic earrings, funky necklaces, or glitzy bracelets for starters.  For the event driven need – try one of our light, poncho scarves, cool mesh jackets, sophisticated tops, and glam sandals!  There are so many ways to dress colorfully, comfortably, and affordably.  One of the secrets of Visibility’s success is having your seasonal clothing colors analyzed and a personalized wardrobe style consult that teaches you exactly what NOT to wear and what actually makes you look taller, slimmer, and younger.

Once you have your personal consult you can stop by Visibility with outfits you have made and have Mary make you custom jewelry just for you or ask Carie if it works!   Susan, Carie, and Mary answer these questions all day long and love it!  Someday we hope to have a drive-up window so our clients can drive up, get out and do a twirl to show us their outfit, and get a thumbs up or down of approval!  Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!  but who knows…