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Fashion Prep

Carie working with Beth Boucher

When preparing for her daughter’s wedding this fall, Beth called on Visibility for her Fashion Preparation.  She went to Stuart to have her hair cut, styled, and straightened for shine and control.  Beth asked Carie to give her two kinds of makeup styles – one for the daytime activities of the three-day event, the evening parties, and the actual wedding day.

Carie and Beth created different outfits for the many activities.  Some were clothes Beth already owned and Carie paired them with scarves and accessories.  And, the final touch and so important was her jewelry.  Mary coordinated each piece with the various outfits.

When planning for events, the team at Visibility can help you take the anxiety out of decision making.

p.s.  Susan did the honors of giving Beth her waxing and facial treatment!  What a beautiful mother-of-the-bride she made.