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“Someday” is a new day in the week…


A Color or Style Consult with Carie could be just the catalyst to ignite some change… change in your attitude, change in your wardrobe.  Don’t put the diet first and everything else second because that change is over a long period of time.  Build success into your change by staring with new makeup, new clothing combinations, new wardrobe styles – the diet can follow more easily with more motivation to keep it up for your new Spring look!

It might be time to think about a hair-do change… maybe short and sassy, maybe long and layered, maybe change up the color or add highlights.  Hmmmm – many possibilities, but all this starts with a Hair Consult with Stuart, our stylist and colorist, or maybe talk with Jennifer, our stylist on Thursdays and Fridays or see Melissa on Saturdays can give you the cut, color, or style you want- there’s no fee for a consult.