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Family business; family joy!

David & Maureen Wedge, Dave Costello, Caitlin, Carie Costello, David Costello, Susan DeMauro, Mary Greely

Caitlin Costello graduated with her PharmD degree from Northeastern University May 4th.  Our newly declared Dr. Costello is the daughter of Carie Costello, and granddaughter of Susan DeMauro and much loved by Mary Greely.

We all went down to celebrate the event ceremony and luncheon in Boston while Helen Farnsworth covered the Shop for us.  It’s not often we all get to be together during the week…

Our many clients have heard from all of us over the last six years the journey of Caitlin’s degree.  With each semester, we all watched as she moved closer to her goal!

Congratulations to a young lady who never took her eyes off the prize, stayed strong in her determination, and maintained a steady motivation to the end… well done!  You did a great job…and we love you!


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