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Fabulous Fitting Fall Finds!

md (158x250)
Tribal Reversible – comes in two tones of gray/black and green/olive

Outerwear in Maine is like intimate wear in the tropics… we are in our jackets eight to ten months of the year. If we all examined our closets, we would find coats in varying shades of weight… rather than varying shades of spectacular colors!  We need jackets and coats to drop kids off at school or the bus in the morning  as most of what we presently wear for this happening should be burned!  We need a different weight coat to  pick the precious cargo up later in the day when we are looking much better.

sp (187x250)
Swing boiled wool coat in red plus we have burgundy and blue

We need cozy jackets for sporting events as the artic temperature of most school sport fields would challenge record readings in Alaska.  We need coats for church, for meetings, for work, for fun nights, for date night, for family events, for weddings, for funerals, for celebrations, for parties, for summer nights when we are going into heavily air conditioned restaurants… we just plain need more coats in Maine because it is what it is.  Our temperature fluctuates and our wardrobe needs to be in sync.

At Visibility and Port Boutique we have put our energy into finding the best coats and jackets in fun, well-fit, colorful styles at affordable prices.   And, the best part, we have scarves… it doesn’t get better for you!