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A Wardrobe Color Consult at Visibility is a life-changing experience.  Being able to learn what colors can help make you look taller, thinner, and more dynamic is priceless!

 Visibility’s easy-to-use ColorStick™ System applies to any woman, man,or child to reveal the color season specific to skin, hair, and eyes.  Once you have the knowledge of how the system works and your own seasonal  ColorStick™ as a tool to shop with, looking good all the time is easy.
An individual color draping identifies contrast and tone to determine the best colors for clothes as well as accessories.

A Wardrobe Color Consult with Carie Costello includes:

  • Determine skin tone
  • Discuss hair color
  • Provide a seasonal makeup lesson for women and teens
  • Experience a draping of all your seasonal colors
  • Learn the best places to shop for your season
  • Learn how to coordinate colors to build outfits
  • Learn to use your Visibility ColorStick™ for shopping ease and convenience

Wardrobe Color Consult fee is $85 and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

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Carie showing Visibility’s ColorStick™ System with a client

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