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December is a time for giving and receiving – and the joy comes from the shopping!   When we shop store to store we get swept up in the crowds and the Holiday tunes – I love when you just hear the end of one song in one store only to hear it again in the next – and it’s best when it’s one of your favorites. As we shop from place to place, the choices seem to blur as we search for the right gifts and the right prices for us.  Many of us enjoy shopping where there are fewer crowds and and less craziness.

At Visibility we engage your giving and receiving.  We can help you pick out a scarf or jacket or dress or necklace or your favorite cream so your loved ones can stop by and “pick it out” for your present… it works!   We really try to make the visit to us a fun experience for the spouses as well.  We can wrap up Gift Certificates to slip under the tree, or we can mail them to special friends and family away.  Personalized shopping is what we do best!  We know your seasonal colors, your makeup choices, and best jewelry lengths for your wardrobes.

One suggestion we highly recommend is giving a Color Consult and Style Consult!  These are the most appreciated gifts and are both gifts that keep giving. Learning about your correct colors and individual style will change the way you think about clothes, arrange your wardrobe, plan an outfit, order online, shop for events, and more clearly define casual!  It will help you decide on the best eye glasses, pocketbook, winter coat, and sportswear!  It’s a wonderful way to begin the new year!


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