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Visibility is moving!

1041 Washington Street, Portland, ME

Visibility is moving to new digs soon!  Now in our 10th year it’s time to bring our Shop to a more “Visible” location – 1041 Washington Avenue is just the spot for us!

It is with great sadness that we are leaving Mcleod & Ascanio – we started our business with Scott & Jimmy in April of 2003, and it was a tough decision to leave them, but after years on the third floor, it was time to be on a first floor, in a high profile location!

Excited is an understatement for us as we begin the process of moving to this great space!

Color Consult Advantages

Knowing your correct clothing colors is a life-time investment. If you wear your correct colors, you will ALWAYS look good naturally. With your put together look you will also save $$$ beclosetcause everything in your closet will work together.
This fun, informative, and easy Consultation is the perfect gift for all ages both male and female! This Valentine’s Day why not give the gift that will last the rest of your life?
Call the Shop at 207-347-7148 or text/call Carie at 207-807-4188 to book your appointment or purchase a gift Certificate!

February Valentine’s Day Earrings


February Special

Visibility has a wide variety of fascinating Valentine earrings. Check Visibility’s Facebook page because Mary is posting a neat new pair of earrings every day!

Go to the jewelry/earring section of our website to see all the Valentine earrings Mary has created for February 14, 2012.

Basic Makeup


cariemichele-150x150Basic Makeup Necessities for keeping it simple!

Concealer – most people need a bit under eyes
Foundation – smoothes out skin surface
Powder – setsyour makeup
Blush – gives life to women living in Maine in the winter
Eyeliner – opens up eyes
Mascara – keeps eyes looking awake
Lipshine, gloss, or lipstick – adds moisture and a hint of color to lips
Bronzer -adds a bit more sunshine to your face – it’s magical!

Need a bit of advice on makeup necessities? Call Carie for a free makeup lesson. It can be as little as “How do I apply concealer?” to “How do I pull this makeup thing off in 5 minutes a day?”

New Year’s Resolution #1


New Year’s Resolution #1 – Your Closet – Project #1

It’s important to organize everything by color – this means your shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters.
Next, weed out items that are worn and tattered or that you haven’t worn in a few years.
Next, take out clothes that don’t fit but might someday – put those in a bin, and label them later.
It’s much easier to accessorize if you Keep scarves out on hooks so you will actually wear them.
Now with an organized closet, make new outfits by putting together new combinations knowing everything will work efficiently!

If you feel you need another set of eyes, call Carie for a closet organizing hour at 207-347-7148 or text or call her on her cell phone. You will have a closet that works for you -outfits for work, fun, holidays, events, and accessories to go with those outfits, new ideas, everything left in your closet will work!



Richly infused with bergamot, lemongrass, sea kelp extracts, olive oil and an abundance of fragrant bubbles ensures the ultimate in pampering.  Priced at $10.00.

Visit us at Visibility Thursday, December 22, 2011, and purchase for $8.00!

Liquid Liner

Liquid Liner
Get a fabulous new look with our new Liquid Eyeliner! Water-resistant, color-rich formula stays put until you remove it!

LiquidLiner glides on without skipping, running, or smudging to create an ultra-sharp definition. Great for all styles – natural, classic, edgy. You draw the line!!! It’s Paraben-Free!

Priced at $16.00

Holiday Earrings


treesEveryone loves to put on a pair of Holiday earrings and having a great selection to choose from makes it fun and easy to do.  Get a pair for a co-worker, your neighbor, the kids’ teachers, book club chums, golf league, friends, and family!  Priced at $10.00.



red balls(and don’t forget grab bag gifts, too!)


Lip Lustre


lip lustreThe “most beautiful lips” for this wonderful time of year!  This wonderfully intense shine lip lacquer plumps up the volume creating fabulous lips for everyone!   You will love the instant reshaping contour of your lips!  — Carie is show casing two shades for popular season- Euphoric and and Devine.

What’s not to love when you are wearing a new lip lustre!  $16.00.



Welcome to Visibility

Visibility is a company committed to developing personal image and presence for women, men, and teens. Our services include clothing color and style consultations, nutrition classes, skin care treatments, and custom designed jewelry. Carie Costello, Susan DeMauro, and Mary Greely are committed to developing each client’s unique, natural image.


We are business women and teachers with over 60 years of teaching experience. Carie teaches her clients how to choose the right clothing colors, best styles for their wardrobes, and nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Susan teaches her clients the best in skin care techniques and products. Mary uses her teaching skill to help clients make appropriate jewelry choices

We have established this space to share with you, our friends and clients, stories and insight as well as our thoughts and inspirations to share with you tips and stories of personal image development and living.