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Our first day at the new Shop!

Mary, Carie, Susan, and Stuart

Today was a fun day as the four of us, Carie, Susan, Mary, and Stuart readied stations and greeted guests!  Before our doors opened at 10:00am, we were greeted with local florists bringing all of us beautiful bouquets of congratulations and best wishes!  Each arrangement brought new colors and wonderful scents into the new space…beautiful!   Stuart welcomed his clients into his new space with great excitement and joy.  Susan’s clients loved her space… commenting how much larger, more spa like, and very energizing it was.

Carie worked with makeup clients and finished touches in her Color and Style area with her sister, Jody Mancini, from Stratham, NH.  Jody came up for her regular waxing treat from her mother (Susan) and to spend the day helping everyone with last minute touches of organizing and decorating.  Instead of flowers Jody brought waters and Lindt chocolates to celebrate our opening.  So thoughtful of her…

It was a pleasure to see Mary at her desk, surrounded by her beads, creating necklaces, earrings, and bracelets once again.  She was back to answering the phone, responding to emails, and wrapping customer packages… our clients can rest again knowing Mary will be in command with nanosecond responses to any questions and inquires they have for Susan and Carie!

Whew!  It was a grand day also filled with ordinary events – the US mail found our new home, the phone and Internet worked without interruption, and all contractors were out of the building plus we made our first rent payment.  An opening day we hope to repeat every day.

Saying goodbye and hello

The motto we still work by in 2012

Today was our last goodbye at 844 Stevens.  We cleaned, hugged our landlords, Scott McLeod and Jimmy Ascanio, and our dearest friend, Lisa Lundberg-libby – the glue to 844 Stevens Avenue.  There are so many emotions wrapped up in saying goodbye to a place we started our business so many years ago.  We clearly remember the day we discovered 844.  It was late in December 2002 when we literally stumbled upon a space that we were told was for rent by an realtor.  We had looked at so many places and couldn’t find the one that rang our bell.  Feeling discouraged, Mary and Susan and Carie (dragging Carie’s two kids – ages 4 and 8 at the time) up the two flights of stairs.  Veni, vidi, vici ~ we took the place and opened up May 3, 2003.  We later discovered it really was never for rent… and that’s how the Universe works we learned!

In the back room against the wall was a sign that read “Always give people MORE than they expect to get”.  It became the Mission Statement of Visibility then and continues to be the words we live by today.  Taking this picture reminded us of how well we work together as a team, how wonderful our clients are, and how excited we are about our new move with our same traditions!  We have learned that the more we give; the more we receive!  Thank you…

The move is on… one box at a time!

Almost there...

What an ambitious task moving is!  Wow, we certainly did acquire (nice way of saying squirrled) ten years of STUFF while at 844 Stevens Avenue.  Wow, and more Wow, as we move one box at a time down the two floors of stairs.  Getting out of 844 Stevens was the hard part.  Unloading to our new ONE LEVEL digs at 1041 Stevens Avenue is a piece of cake!

One of our clients, Michelle Deane, lent us about 12 Rubbermaid totes – a lifesaver.  We shall be ever indebted to her for her forward thinking.  We have packed and unpacked those 12 totes a zillion times.  We owned six and thought that would be enough with the WB Mason boxes we had accumulated.  Silly us.  But as we approach tomorrow – Friday, April 27th – we will have all our treasurers out of 844.  Our dear friend, Janice Ryder, generously offered her wrapping skills and helped Mary package all of her jewelry!  An extra set of hands made that overwhelming job easier.

You will find us from now on at 1041 Washington Avenue.  We have the weekend to organize the new place and be ready to welcome all of our friends and family to join us as we celebrate our new beginning… we are so blessed.

Visibility is MOVING May 1st — but we are working at 844 Stevens until then

Sign went up on March 20th

Hip, Hip, Hooray – the sign went up today!!  We will be live on May 1st… only a few days,  weeks, minutes away to OPENING!  Check the count down on this page.

During the transition time before we move to 1041 Washington Avenue, Visibility will be maintaining their same schedule of hours and services at 844 Stevens Avenue.  OPEN Monday through Friday 10:00 – 5:00.  We will post Saturday hours on our phone message and our home page plus Facebook.  Just call 207-347-7148 and confirm.  We will be available working between the two facilities.  We will keep everyone posted!

Stuart, our new partner,  has finished up the painting, and we are slowly moving what we can over to 1041!  We are trying to pack something everyday and moving it to the new Shop… one box a day at a time!

Visibility is adding Stuart Taylor…

Stuart Taylor

Visibility is making the move to 1041 Washington Avenue with a new service and a new partner –  Stuart Taylor, a highly skilled twenty-year veteran hairstylist most recently from Kennebunk.  Due to Stuart’s expertise as a hair colorist, he has been recognized since 2006 as a National Board Registered Hair Colorist.

Stuart is one of 500 nationally recognized hair colorists.  Gaining this designation requires successfully completing an intensive course of study featuring the chemistry and science behind hair color.

Stuart is proficient in the latest hair style trends and equally comfortable with more traditional, classical styles.  He is willing to experiment or to serve as a consistent and reliable stylist.

Exercising his upbeat personality and unfailingly positive attitude, Stuart puts the customer first every time.  He is professional, personable, knowledgeable, and flexible.

Stuart enjoys working with men and women of all ages.  One of his specialties is working with clients to help them discover their own unique styles.  He is looking forward to expanding Visibility’s mission of discovering “your image…your best!”

For hair care products, Visibility features Lanza and Surface, Stuart’s preferred choices.  These products are 100% sulfate and dye free and use no animal testing.  Both Lanza and Surface are well known as green companies and produce superior results.

Visibility is moving!

1041 Washington Street, Portland, ME

Visibility is moving to new digs soon!  Now in our 10th year it’s time to bring our Shop to a more “Visible” location – 1041 Washington Avenue is just the spot for us!

It is with great sadness that we are leaving Mcleod & Ascanio – we started our business with Scott & Jimmy in April of 2003, and it was a tough decision to leave them, but after years on the third floor, it was time to be on a first floor, in a high profile location!

Excited is an understatement for us as we begin the process of moving to this great space!

Color Consult Advantages

Knowing your correct clothing colors is a life-time investment. If you wear your correct colors, you will ALWAYS look good naturally. With your put together look you will also save $$$ beclosetcause everything in your closet will work together.
This fun, informative, and easy Consultation is the perfect gift for all ages both male and female! This Valentine’s Day why not give the gift that will last the rest of your life?
Call the Shop at 207-347-7148 or text/call Carie at 207-807-4188 to book your appointment or purchase a gift Certificate!

February Valentine’s Day Earrings


February Special

Visibility has a wide variety of fascinating Valentine earrings. Check Visibility’s Facebook page because Mary is posting a neat new pair of earrings every day!

Go to the jewelry/earring section of our website to see all the Valentine earrings Mary has created for February 14, 2012.

Basic Makeup


cariemichele-150x150Basic Makeup Necessities for keeping it simple!

Concealer – most people need a bit under eyes
Foundation – smoothes out skin surface
Powder – setsyour makeup
Blush – gives life to women living in Maine in the winter
Eyeliner – opens up eyes
Mascara – keeps eyes looking awake
Lipshine, gloss, or lipstick – adds moisture and a hint of color to lips
Bronzer -adds a bit more sunshine to your face – it’s magical!

Need a bit of advice on makeup necessities? Call Carie for a free makeup lesson. It can be as little as “How do I apply concealer?” to “How do I pull this makeup thing off in 5 minutes a day?”

New Year’s Resolution #1


New Year’s Resolution #1 – Your Closet – Project #1

It’s important to organize everything by color – this means your shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters.
Next, weed out items that are worn and tattered or that you haven’t worn in a few years.
Next, take out clothes that don’t fit but might someday – put those in a bin, and label them later.
It’s much easier to accessorize if you Keep scarves out on hooks so you will actually wear them.
Now with an organized closet, make new outfits by putting together new combinations knowing everything will work efficiently!

If you feel you need another set of eyes, call Carie for a closet organizing hour at 207-347-7148 or text or call her on her cell phone. You will have a closet that works for you -outfits for work, fun, holidays, events, and accessories to go with those outfits, new ideas, everything left in your closet will work!