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The “Little Black Dress” and more…


We’ve been in our new home at 1041 Washington Avenue, Portland, ME for six months; it feels as if we’ve always been here. We love the building, the neighborhood, our new clients, and the connection we have made with our many clients throughout the years…one by one they are returning to us.

Our whole “look” has changed. For sure, our foundation is the same; Visibility is all about adding “color” and “style” to an everyday life in jewelry, makeup, hair style, and skin care… that’s how we began this journey ten years ago, and it’s where we are today with MORE! The MORE is we are becoming a great place for great accessories! We’ve talked so much about our scarves, but it’s hard not to when we are adding NEW scarves literally everyday – soft styles, infinity styles, dressy styles, and delicate styles. Each style adds another type of flair to an outfit.  It’s the best way to update your style.

We now carry the LBD … “Little black dress (and in chocolate brown and blue) that is so forgiving, easy to travel with, and simple to style UP! Carie is working with clients who stop by on how to take that LBD and make it the go to dress for any and all occasions.  This “made in USA” clothing line we are carrying highlights the strength of individualism  – the  evolution of the little black/brown dress from its original definition of simplicity, to new and distinctly contemporary texture and tone.

But the latest line of jackets is the biggest hit.  A light-weight mandarin collar jacket with hidden buttons that is a boxed style and cropped short… the original forgiving jacket.  The teal colors are gone, and we have three left in black.  We are off to a show on Monday (10/15) to look for more of these great styles and expand our collection even more…  And, note, the products are great, but it’s the great prices that will always bring you back!

We are gearing up for the Holidays and will have a full store of interesting stock as we approach November!  We are very exiciting about the many changes taking place and making us Visibility and more…and we look forward to sharing it all with eveyone!

Scarf “Envy”…


Scarf “envy” is a wonderful thing! Carie Costello, scarf wearer extraodinaire, began wearing scarves merely for warmth. Soon she discovered the ultimate reason for scarf wearing… she could change an outfit in a flash! What other accessory allows you to change your appearance from a day outfit to an evening outfit after a long day at the office… What other accessory could take you from a soccer field to lunch with friend(s)… What other accessory lands you compliments when you might be having a bad hair day… What other accessory resonates, “I feel so pretty” in yesterday’s outfit.

At Visibility our scarf designs range from ultra-simplistic, warm and fuzzy, sleek to modern, and even to glitzy. The awesome creativity of a scarf is individual. No two people wear the same scarf the same way which adds to the intimacy of the accessory and creates a personal image. At Visibility, Carie has worked tirelessly to select scarves that not only appeal to our customers but to the occasions they wear them. This reinforces Visibility’s mission – for every client to look their best today – no matter what circumstances surround them. A scarf can light up your face by adding color where you want it.

Carie invites you to stop by 1041 Washington Avenue in Portland or online  Shop to find the scarves best for you. Our selection is growing rapidly and is 100 plus and growing. Tbe remarkable creativity in each scarf we showcase makes for the “perfect” gift for any reason. And, our most recent find is an “infinity” scarf made for our Maine weather… a must see, a must have.[catalog-product id=”1849″]

Social Media Event at Visibility…

So much to learn – so little time…

The Social Media Workshop was a success! You can read comments from the many “new learners” who enjoyed the event plus check out the resources Mike and Patty setup for everyone to use. (Note: Visibility is so excited about offering many more new and interesting workshops and events at our Shop at 1041 Washington Avenue email us at shop@visibilitycenter.com or call 207-347-7148 if you have ideas you would like to share…)

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012 – 11:30 to 1:30 – Visibility is co -sponsoring with The Forecaster to present a seminar on “Social Media.”  The fee of learning what you need to know about the advantages of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest plus the magic of RSS and readers and the best way to password your electronic environment is $25.00.

Please join Mike Hassey and Patty Reeves from the Sun Media Group as they explore interactive marketing and social opportunities beyond websites, to include blogs.

Social Media websites are becoming a part of our lives whether we want them or not. The younger generations are fully emerged with digital communications and integrate them fully into everyday activities. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of these many resources, please join us on September 26th at Visibility. This workshop will explore interactive marketing and social opportunities beyond websites, to include blogs (like this one!).  During this workshop we will match the interest and needs of the consumer and explain how to use these resources more effectively.

We invite you to join us as we “take the curve out of the learning for you!”

Click HERE to register for class.  Reserve your place now, and pay the $25.00 class fee when you arrive at Visibility. 

As summer winds down…


It’s that time of year when our minds and bodies want summer to last all year long, but the reality of summer is quickly coming to an end!  College kids are leaving, summer jobs are ending, sport double sessions are beginning, teachers are prepping, parents are shopping, and kids are still playing!  What’s a person to do…  Call Visibility!

Visibility can offer you many services and products to help launch a successful school start.  Stuart will offer you that much needed and wanted new hair style and color!  Carie will offer you a clothing color and style consult to help you with your shopping!  Susan will offer a waxing service and/or a facial treatment to help sustain your summer glow!  And, Mary has jewelry to make all your outfits look spectacular!  And, don’t forget we have scarves for all occasions to perk up your outfits.

Summertime is a great time to relax, refocus, and rejuvenate; wear it like a loose garment.  When September comes, time becomes premium, and short in supply.  So just enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you at Visibility!


Visibility has new “OPEN” flag…



Visibility has a new “OPEN” flag at our 1041 Washington Avenue home! It’s a custom double-sided flag…Mary now feels at one with her new Shop!

For 10 years, Mary hung our “OPEN” sign outside the 3rd floor window to let everyone know she was there; she’s missed the ritual. But now it’s back, and Mary will be once again be at home putting her “OPEN” flag out every morning! But instead of hanging it out the 3rd floor window – she will put it on the stake in the front yard of 1041… We will just have to watch for gusts of strong wind to come by while Mary is holding the 11′ flag! She could easily travel down Washington Ave in full flight… oh, the joy of change!

Colors are for play, too!


Today, Carie went hiking with her family at Sugarloaf – and did it in color!  She truly lives what she teaches in color/style, makeup, and nutrition.

But Carie tells us when we practice everyday wearing colors that make us look younger, taller, thinner, and healthier,  it doesn’t matter the occasion.  If you always buy the colors in your Visibility ColorStick™, then no matter the activity, you will look good, feel good, and have more confidence in what you are doing.  Looking good while having a good time – is a good thing!

With the right knowledge it’s easy to choose clothes that will compliment your lifestyle and personality, which means you always project the image, mood, and style you choose to create.  You are ready for any event.
When you understand how to dress who you are (your personality) as well as what you are (your body architecture) it all comes together.  Because you look great and feel comfortable in your own skin,  you come across as credible, look attractive and understand what your clothes are saying about you. You only get a few seconds to make a first impression – whether socially, professionally, or playfully – so make it the right one!

Carie, Dave, and David had a wonderful time on this gorgeous summer day climbing the mountains they ski all winter!


Summer Pink


Everything about summer is pink!  From flowers to scarves, to bathing suit covers and flip flops.  The “summer” clients can look all about a hazy summer day to see what colors would be in their palette to build the best wardrobe.  Brides can mix pink with any other colors to brighten up a memorable day!

At Visibility we have lush hues of pink in glosses, lip coverings, and blush.  Stop by and have Carie see what’s your best pink!

Mary has many, many choices of beautiful pink jewelry in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – like  rose quartz, rhodonite, and rhodocrosite in semi-precious stones.  In Swarovski cyrstal we have rose, light rose, and fushia.  Pink pearls in many shades can brighten any wardrobe.  Our favorite pink necklace is a 48″ beauty with a wide variety of stones and glass beads.  We have just added some spectacular Swarovski neon pink pearls – wow – not to be missed!

1,200 Pairs of Earrings…


So many earrings to choose!  Mary has every style, shape, color, and stone for every occasion… It’s no wonder Visibility has become the “GO to Place” for accessorizing your outfits.  Everyone always marvels at the unique designs Mary is able to create.  We can honestly say we have never seen a duplicate.   Carie, Stuart, and Susan watch her walk about the Shop straightening an earring card, fixing a backing, and we think talking to them.  We just might begin to call her the “Earring Whisperer”… but she needs that inner voice when she is designing custom pieces for clients… because they absolutely meet and exceed our client expectations.

Stop in to see her new neon pieces, as well as, other summer fun types.  There is nothing more fun than to perk up an outfit with flip flops and bright colored earrings to feel good on a sunny, summer day…

And we know there is not a better price around the area – still the majority are priced at $10.00!  Love it…

Stop in or call us at 207-347-7148…


Let’s tie a knot…


Scarf tying is an art form, and Carie has mastered the knack.  It’s fun to learn and adds such a highlight to any wardrobe.  In fact, it’s the best way to perk up an ordinary outfit.  Visibility has so many new styles, lengths, fabrics, and colors of scarves to make it a must stop to pick out yours!  Learn how to best wear your new layered look…

Add a scarf to brighten up a jean and t-shirt outfit or add a scarf to your already jeweled neck; it all goes!  Scarves are still the best way to perk up a business dress or suit.  It makes a favorite outfit look brand new!





Open House on Saturday, May 5, 2012 was a wonderful success.  It was so nice to see so many of our friends and family came out to see our new Shop and wish us well.   We took many pictures of the different groups of guests on that day, and it was neat to see pictures of from our first Open House 10 years ago that we found while packing for the move.  We dusted them off and had the display on the counter for people to look at… and nobody aged!  The magic of good skin care —

We all appreciated the beautiful flowers and cards sent to us to celebrate this exciting event.