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Truly Unique!!


These colorful pieces can be the star for many of your outfits... as chokers, long and dramatic necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments –  all those choices, and each twisty comes with an instruction sheet to help you decide how you want to wear it!

50% OFF All Earrings !!


Come in to Visibility beginning Thursday, September 14, 2017 to Saturday, September 22nd and enjoy 50% OFF every pair of earrings – over 3,000 pairs!!  It’s a Mary special event that only happens twice a year!  So… just tell us you saw it online or in the newsletter!  Enjoy!!

Walking together for a Cause…


At Visibility we have long been involved in the McAuley Residence Project a Mercy commitment.  Recently a walk/run was sponsored to raise money for the resident women in recovery.

Carie has been on the fund raising committee with Kim Toppi, a Visibility client, and this year the group decided to change from a silent auction event to a more active Run/Walk Event.  It was very successful and raised over $9,000 from individual event registrations and community sponsors.  A wonderful response for the new event.  We had a great morning celebrating a great cause!  Recovery!


Wraps for all seasons…


These fabulous cotton popcorn wraps are appropriate throughout the year but especially loved now – spring and summer!  These may be worn two ways – on the diagonal for a slenderizing pop of color or with the seam in back leaving the front as a cowl neckline.  The popcorn fabric is lightweight and comes in a spectacular array of colors.  It looks good for a fancy occasion over a dress or slacks or more casual with capris or jeans.

Versatile and Economical


Long Italian mesh necklaces come in a wide variety of regular or metallic colors.  These light-weight necklaces may be worn long or doubled.  Often we choose to wear two different colors together for extra punch!  These are a treat at $4.00.

Glitzy and Economical


Long, glitzy necklaces come in spectacular colors and may be worn on their own or as companions to the Mesh Style necklaces. These necklaces can quickly shift to bracelets wrapped many times around the wrist.  At $10 each they will brighten your wardrobe.

Follow that bus!


Traveling down Congress Street this week, I was thrilled to see “our” bus ad right  in front of me!  What a treat…

We got the idea to advertise on a bus with our shop – Visibility -because of the very busy bus route location at 1041 Washington Avenue, and we see all the buses all the time.  It’s just such a cool idea to have a roaming ad traveling all over Portland, South Portland, and Falmouth.

So I’m here to say to you – “Follow that bus to the best women’s clothing shop and salon in Portland.”  You’ll be glad you did.  We are truly a neighborhood Shop that offers our clients clothing, services, and jewelry – colorful, comfortable, and affordable as well as hair, waxing, and nail services.

Family business; family joy!

David & Maureen Wedge, Dave Costello, Caitlin, Carie Costello, David Costello, Susan DeMauro, Mary Greely

Caitlin Costello graduated with her PharmD degree from Northeastern University May 4th.  Our newly declared Dr. Costello is the daughter of Carie Costello, and granddaughter of Susan DeMauro and much loved by Mary Greely.

We all went down to celebrate the event ceremony and luncheon in Boston while Helen Farnsworth covered the Shop for us.  It’s not often we all get to be together during the week…

Our many clients have heard from all of us over the last six years the journey of Caitlin’s degree.  With each semester, we all watched as she moved closer to her goal!

Congratulations to a young lady who never took her eyes off the prize, stayed strong in her determination, and maintained a steady motivation to the end… well done!  You did a great job…and we love you!

Fashion Show at The Atrium

Mary Lou Martindell – age 98 missed the group photo op – but we found her out and about showing friends her outfit…

Visibility was invited to The Atrium at The Cedars – a retirement home in North Deering – to present a Spring Fashion Show for the residents and guests on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  We had six of the residents as models: Sue Clinton, Julie Stokes, Chip Allen, Fidelis Taylor, Fran Hoffman, Margot Cliff.  Not pictured in the group photo was Mary Lou Martindell, the oldest member at The Cedars age 98; she was off showing her friends her outfit.

The Models came over to Visibility and picked out their outfits with Carie and Helen.  We then packed everything up including accessories the day of the show and dressed everyone in their outfits.  They all looked stunning.  The models were very flexible and enjoyable throughout the day which made the whole event so much fun.

Susan emceed while Carie and Mary accessorized and also contributed their expertise on how to dress for spring. We are in the planning stages of another event and will keep everyone updated.


Welcome back Mary and Susan


Mary and Susan had a wonderful winter away from the snow… an attempt at retirement which doesn’t really appeal to either of us.  It is, however, a time for us to kick back a little bit and enjoy a simpler pace.  Although Susan spends her time walking and playing golf, and Mary catches up on Facebook friends, we often find ourselves talking about work and exploring new ideas and products for Visibility.  The one thing we both do enthusiastically is reading and keeping up with the news – TV and newspapers!

We are glad to be back and seeing all of our clients.  It’s fun to come home.  We missed Carie, Kim, Jennifer, and Stuart!  So looking forward to spring and summer in Maine.