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Fashion Prep

Carie working with Beth Boucher

When preparing for her daughter’s wedding this fall, Beth called on Visibility for her Fashion Preparation.  She went to Stuart to have her hair cut, styled, and straightened for shine and control.  Beth asked Carie to give her two kinds of makeup styles – one for the daytime activities of the three-day event, the evening parties, and the actual wedding day.

Carie and Beth created different outfits for the many activities.  Some were clothes Beth already owned and Carie paired them with scarves and accessories.  And, the final touch and so important was her jewelry.  Mary coordinated each piece with the various outfits.

When planning for events, the team at Visibility can help you take the anxiety out of decision making.

p.s.  Susan did the honors of giving Beth her waxing and facial treatment!  What a beautiful mother-of-the-bride she made.

Let’s talk brows


Let’s talk eyebrows… let’s talk wax… let’s talk Waxer… let’s talk investment!

Professionally waxed eyebrows help to make you look more rested, more dynamic, more put together, and it’s an inexpensive skin maintenance essential. At Visibility we believe waxing is “…not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind. . . healthy skin and beautifully shaped brows!” Our wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50% – almost painless!

Susan DeMauro at Visibility, who has been waxing greater Portland’s brows, faces, lips, and chins, is often called the Waxing Queen. Susan is noted for the personal and professional pride she takes in each clients’ appearance… her work is meticulous. Visibility clients leave Susan looking and feeling better in so many big ways. She ensures that each client’s brows match their face and personality…with 14 years of experience, there is not a brow shape she hasn’t seen and conquered!

As we age, brows often diminish and fade unevenly leaving what appear to be gaps. Waxing cannot correct natural issues. At Visibility we offer a fabulous solution to help brighten your brows – Brow Ink. Brow Ink is longwearing and color rich. It’s effortless to apply and dries to a clear water resistant finish – it doesn’t flake, cake, or smudge. Brows are defined instantly. It comes in blonde and brunette. Carie can match the perfect shade for you.

Yes, Vacation is a good thing…


Getting away and renewing is good for the body, mind, and spirit.

The last few years Mary and Susan have skipped away to Florida to soak up some sun, catch up on reading, and shopping for new ideas for the shop.  Susan enjoys walking and golfing while Mary is more inclined to update with friends on Facebook and work on her beautiful Pinterest boards.  Over the years we have made many new friends down here and enjoy just getting out of the cold and snow.  We’re very fortunate to be able to do this.

It was a joy to have Susan’s daughters come down for a week.  It was fun to shop with them and catch up on family, reading, and relaxing.  It was a gift I’ll remember for a very long time.

“Someday” is a new day in the week…


A Color or Style Consult with Carie could be just the catalyst to ignite some change… change in your attitude, change in your wardrobe.  Don’t put the diet first and everything else second because that change is over a long period of time.  Build success into your change by staring with new makeup, new clothing combinations, new wardrobe styles – the diet can follow more easily with more motivation to keep it up for your new Spring look!

It might be time to think about a hair-do change… maybe short and sassy, maybe long and layered, maybe change up the color or add highlights.  Hmmmm – many possibilities, but all this starts with a Hair Consult with Stuart, our stylist and colorist, or maybe talk with Jennifer, our stylist on Thursdays and Fridays or see Melissa on Saturdays can give you the cut, color, or style you want- there’s no fee for a consult.

Relationships and your style…


Ways to dress for many different relationships

We all have many different relationships. Through life we will hopefully always be growing and learning and developing new relationships. As we begin these new relationships one of the first things we take a look at is our style. It’s funny how we begin a new relationship and the very first thing we do is go into our closet and take an inventory and many of us decide we need a change. Entering this relationship with a new style, a new outfit, a new first impression takes a little bit of effort. The relationship might be a first date, meeting in-laws, extended family, a new job, or retirement.  Read more… (in the Maine Women’s Magazine April 2016 edition free at your local stores or at Visibility)

No matter what the relationship, here are some helpful style tips.  First off take a honest look at the body that needs dressing right now. Not ten pounds from now.  Next break out of the old routine. Fresh, new, change leads to a new attitude and a feeling of being renewed.

Getting dressed for a date? Be true to yourself, but do put your best foot forward. No false advertising. If you are creative and more artsy project that. If you are more conservative you might want to try adding a bit of fun and flair. Try a scarf or a statement necklace. Don’t dress like your daughter or your mother. Dress your age. Well fitting pants, nice shoes or boots, a fresh haircut-but nothing dramatically new for this first venture.   Grooming is pretty critical in the dating world. It might be time to invest in a high powered mirror so you can see those unruly hairs that are hidden under your chin or the eye brows that need a bit of attention to give you an instant youthful facelift. Put on a bit of makeup on to accent your best you and to let the person you are going on the date with say “this is a special night out. “

For your relationships at work with your co-workers or if you are starting a new job dress for your job and take it up a notch. Invest in a few good pieces.   Buy three neutral bottoms, a few colorful tops, good neutral shoes, a year round professional coat. Wear makeup to look the part and decorate yourself appropriately with a necklace, earrings, and scarf. Don’t forget to add a work tote in a perfect neutral color.

Family relationships. If you are meeting new family – conservative is always better. Add one piece of your personality but don’t give it all away to soon. This first impression is pretty crucial. Wear a neutral pair of pants, a skirt or a casual dress for the first meeting. Add a colorful scarf or necklace to visually let them know who you are. Now is not the time to go off on a trend. It’s a time to be respectful.

Retired, renewed and making new relationships everyday calls for your best style. Don’t save clothes for a special occasion. Every day is a special day. You are retired. What’s not to celebrate. Your clothing should reflect your true self. Now is the time to just have a fun wardrobe. You no longer have to dress for your job. Your job is to have fun. Decorate the heck out of your outfits daily. Wear more interesting earrings. Go big, bold and wear lots of color.   Invest in fun shoes, boots and sandals. Purchase coats that are colorful, bold, nothing cookie cutter, unique one of a kind. Shop at boutiques all the time. Accessorize with pins that can be worn on coats, tops, scarves and hats. Wear fun watches in a variety of colors. Wear scarves everyday.

As we continue to form relationships we should continue to add personality to our style.

Carie Costello is a certified Style Consultant who has helped many clients develop their best style.at her shop Visibility on Washington Avenue in Portland Maine.  (read the Maine Women’s Magazine free at your local stores or at Visibility)

Holiday Ready at Visibility…


shop-nov2015(300x222)As the 2015 Holiday season begins, Visibility is ready to get you Holiday Ready!! We are the shop you begin your season with – for your new hairstyle, waxing update, makeup highlights, manicure, new outfit, jacket, scarf, and the finishing accessorizing with new earrings, necklace, or bracelet.

Now you are Holiday Ready – for a neighborhood party, business get together, work Holiday party, friend parties, family celebrations… the events are many, and we ready for you!

What we can do for you is help you to maximize your Holiday spending. The best thing about Carie’s buying is she keeps her clients in mind. She wants to help you mix and match and switch things up… it’s easy if you come in and spend a little bit of time with her.

One of our long-time clients came in the day before Thanksgiving and did just that. She and her mother maxed out on building flexible outfits for parties and travel for the two of them. It really works. Your busy with so many activities during the month of December so don’t let dressing show you down. Stay ready to look your best!

Why not call us to schedule your haircut, waxing, makeup lesson, and nails. In between appointments you can shop! We try to make it as easy as possible. 347-7148. Or text Mary at 207-807-4190 to coordinate!

Fashion Show

IMG_0016 (300x225)
Ocean View Fashion Show

Thinking of a new and creative event for your organization? How about treating your members to a fun fashion show sponsored by Visibility   For example, we recently sponsored a fashion show event at Ocean View in Falmouth.  What a fun time everyone had!! Seven women were selected to model our clothing. The residence event planner made her selection from the most recent residents. This was a great way to introduce them to more of the longer-term residents. Visibility dressed each of the seven models in two different outfits. They came over to the Shop at 1041 Washington Avenue to pick out what they wanted to wear. Carie and Mary worked with each model to pick an outfit that look the best with great accessorizing.  The show was full of excitement and energy for the participants and the guests.

The Magic of Visibility



Want a fresh new look?   Want the help of a clothing expert to help you to find the best you?  Visibility is your choice.  The magic at Visibility is our ability to help our clients discover a fresh new look every season!

It starts with a visit to Visibility at 1041 Washington Avenue, Portland.  We will make you feel welcome and help you find some great new clothes and accessories – styles for everyday living.

Several paths are available to you- perhaps you might choose a free makeup lesson.  This is time well spent because the results are immediate.  If Carie is not busy with other clients in the Shop, she will do that for you right on the spot, or you may call for an appointment to guarantee your personal time with her.

Another choice for learning to create a new wardrobe is a Clothing Color Consultation which results in your knowing the exact right colors for you – how to choose them and how to wear them.  You will leave with a Visibility ColorStick™ to help guide your purchases.  This service requires an appointment.

Following your Color Consultation clients may choose a Style Consultation from which they learn their personal clothing styles and how to make all their clothing look great from accessories to skirt length, eye glasses to purses, winter coats to bathing suits.

It’s not over after these sessions; it’s the beginning.  This investment in you is priceless and lasts a lifetime!  You will become a valued client of Visibility and enjoy the ongoing magic of the experience.



Perk Up for Fall

Carie and Stuart
Carie and Stuart
Carie and Stuart

September is all about new beginnings – whether you have sent a child off to school or just passed a big yellow school bus full of kids, mothers inevitably think about me time.  That me time comes in many different formats – from finishing a cup of coffee while it’s still hot to cleaning away summer stuff – eventually we get to the most serious real me time.

We take a look at our clothes closet and wonder what still fits, what to toss, what to salvage, what to add to change it up.  We just want to feel good about ourselves.  Oh, sure, 20 lost pounds would be wonderful, but we know we have to put clothes on to walk out of the house… it’s the reality! So what to do for you!  Where do you begin…

How about we begin with hair and makeup? Carie and Stuart have put together an opportunity for women to review their hair styles/color and makeup. Why not schedule a free “10 Minute Review” in the month of September to explore what changes may be possible for you.  Naturally, you may walk in, and Stuart and Carie will work their magic for you if they are not booked. After that…we can help you to make it happen!

Make the commitment to you while you finish that hot cup of coffee…

Happy Birthday



IMG_2349 (276x300)Since May 2003 Visibility has taken some twists and turns.  We went from being a tiny shop on the 3rd floor of 844 Stevens Avenue to our new building at 1041 Washington Avenue in May of 2012.  We went from being the three of us, Carie, Mary, and Susan, to sharing our partnership with Stuart Taylor, our hair stylist.  In 2013 the three ladies opened another Visibility at 2 Wharf Street in the Old Port of Portland, Maine, and Stuart recently opened a hair salon in Kennebunk.  Visibility just keeps on growing… but our customer service and love for our clients have not changed.  Our mission remains the same… “Always give our customers more than they expect!”  And a poster of that commitment hangs in our office (kitchen) to this day.

Our stores are especially helpful to women moving into the work place who need professional attire, business casual, and weekend wear.  Visibility is about color, comfort, and affordability.  We can truly give any woman a makeover or what we like to call an “updated YOU!”  First, we do a color consult to determine the best colors for your skin and hair tones.  Next, a style consult can teach you to choose the best clothing for your personal style including pants, dresses, tops, glasses, handbags, scarves…  Other services include makeup lessons,  facial waxing, skin care treatments with eye lashes and nails coming in the next few months.  One of our best assets is our jewelry – we have lots of beautiful jewelry ready to try on, or Mary can make you something unique just for you and your latest outfit.