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Welcome back Mary and Susan


Mary and Susan had a wonderful winter away from the snow… an attempt at retirement which doesn’t really appeal to either of us.  It is, however, a time for us to kick back a little bit and enjoy a simpler pace.  Although Susan spends her time walking and playing golf, and Mary catches up on Facebook friends, we often find ourselves talking about work and exploring new ideas and products for Visibility.  The one thing we both do enthusiastically is reading and keeping up with the news – TV and newspapers!

We are glad to be back and seeing all of our clients.  It’s fun to come home.  We missed Carie, Kim, Jennifer, and Stuart!  So looking forward to spring and summer in Maine.


A Friend who loves Visibility


Our clients come to us for many different reasons -to find a new outfit,  get their brows waxed, get their hair or nails done, or find a new pair of earrings.  Sometimes to stay in touch as friends.  Ginny Putnam has been a friend of Mary, Susan, and Carie for over thirty years.  Ginny was a high school counselor at Kennebunk High School and was a colleague of Mary’s, academic counselor to Carie, and friend of Susan’s.  It’s just been wonderful to have her now as a continued friend at Visibility.

Ginny just loves our clothes, waxing, and makeup, but her go to product is Visibility’s Face Primer.  She likes the way it prepares her skin for makeup going on smoothly and evenly.  In her 80 plus years Ginny has always enjoyed dressing well and looking good.  Visibility’s Face Primer is one way to keep looking good at any age!!

What’s your clothing color?


Sue Anderson sat with Carie for a Clothing Color Consult last week. Her color palette is “Light Autumn,” so she looks her best in colors with golden undertones. Knowing which of the 12 seasonal shades that you are will help in choosing clothes to develop a workable wardrobe with clothing that goes together and looks great every time.

If you are curious about what season you fit into, consider getting a Clothing Color Consultation at Visibility. You’ll learn the best colors for your type – for clothing, jewelry, and makeup.  You will save money by knowing exactly what looks best on you!  Take the guesswork out of buying and wearing clothes, and shop with confidence! Book your session with Carie very soon!  207-347-7148. 

Swarovski Crystal Earrings…



Visibility offers these very popular 14mm Swarovski Crystal stones in a wide variety of colors and three styles: posts, drops, and dangling drops!

These nine beautiful colors are just a sample of the over 30 color choices that we have.  At $20 – $22 these are one of Visibility’s most popular earrings for any age and any occasion.

New Necklaces…


We love these new multi-strand necklaces with magnetic closures.  These pieces are designed with vivid hues and bold structure.

These lightweight statement pieces can be worn with a fancy dress or plain white tee-shirt for instant glamour.  We have these in 12 colors.

Mary Greely – Jewelry Designer…


It’s a first for Mary Greely, one of Visibility’s partners and  jewelry designer, – Wow, a half off special!  Wow, again!

You are now able to pick up your favorite earrings – pearls, crystals, glass, Lucite, and so many other semi-previous stone earrings at both of our stores – Visibility uptown on Washington Avenue and Port Boutique downtown in the Old Port at Wharf Street (across from Beal’s Ice Cream)… Mary is going to be offering this special from Thursday – July 18th to Saturday July 20th!

You will be in awe at the wide variety of designs Mary has created.  At Visibility our focus is on color and style for your best image.  Mary has created designs for everyone’s face shape and clothing color.  Truly every pair is a custom design just for your season.  After you have your color and style done by Carie Costello – jewelry is the first thing for you to test your newly learned skills on… and you immediately see that it works!  And every time you come into either shop – it’s the 2,000 pairs of earrings that greet you!  …and Mary knows where every pair is in both stores plus she can share a little story to go with them.




Yeah… Let’s Thin Out!


Take one hour, three bags or boxes, and a magic marker.  Label them “Donation,” “Get Rid Of,” “Carie.“Go through your spring clothes, and make decisions.  It’s time for out with the old and in with some new!

1)  Any holes, pilling, fading, has bad spots – “Get Rid Of
2)  If it’s too tight, too short, outdated – “Donation” of your choice
3)  If you haven’t worn it in a year or two, there may be something wrong with it – perhaps a style or color issue.  Bring it in, and ask Carie why it doesn’t work for you.  She may have some good suggestions.
Now you are ready for two or three new spring outfits, two new scarves, and two new necklaces.  This is an easy, cost effective way to keep your wardrobe fresh, fitting properly, and currently in style.

If you need extra help, schedule a Style Consult with Carie to go over your best neckline, best lengths, and best fit.  A Style Consult will also help you decide if you should wear structured vs flowy tops.  It will determine your best clothing personality based on color and body line.  Having a Style Consult takes the guess work out of shopping, getting dressed in the morning, packing for trips, accessorizing, and organizing so you can dress well with no stress!

Fashion Prep

Carie working with Beth Boucher

When preparing for her daughter’s wedding this fall, Beth called on Visibility for her Fashion Preparation.  She went to Stuart to have her hair cut, styled, and straightened for shine and control.  Beth asked Carie to give her two kinds of makeup styles – one for the daytime activities of the three-day event, the evening parties, and the actual wedding day.

Carie and Beth created different outfits for the many activities.  Some were clothes Beth already owned and Carie paired them with scarves and accessories.  And, the final touch and so important was her jewelry.  Mary coordinated each piece with the various outfits.

When planning for events, the team at Visibility can help you take the anxiety out of decision making.

p.s.  Susan did the honors of giving Beth her waxing and facial treatment!  What a beautiful mother-of-the-bride she made.

Let’s talk brows


Let’s talk eyebrows… let’s talk wax… let’s talk Waxer… let’s talk investment!

Professionally waxed eyebrows help to make you look more rested, more dynamic, more put together, and it’s an inexpensive skin maintenance essential. At Visibility we believe waxing is “…not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind. . . healthy skin and beautifully shaped brows!” Our wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50% – almost painless!

Susan DeMauro at Visibility, who has been waxing greater Portland’s brows, faces, lips, and chins, is often called the Waxing Queen. Susan is noted for the personal and professional pride she takes in each clients’ appearance… her work is meticulous. Visibility clients leave Susan looking and feeling better in so many big ways. She ensures that each client’s brows match their face and personality…with 14 years of experience, there is not a brow shape she hasn’t seen and conquered!

As we age, brows often diminish and fade unevenly leaving what appear to be gaps. Waxing cannot correct natural issues. At Visibility we offer a fabulous solution to help brighten your brows – Brow Ink. Brow Ink is longwearing and color rich. It’s effortless to apply and dries to a clear water resistant finish – it doesn’t flake, cake, or smudge. Brows are defined instantly. It comes in blonde and brunette. Carie can match the perfect shade for you.

Yes, Vacation is a good thing…


Getting away and renewing is good for the body, mind, and spirit.

The last few years Mary and Susan have skipped away to Florida to soak up some sun, catch up on reading, and shopping for new ideas for the shop.  Susan enjoys walking and golfing while Mary is more inclined to update with friends on Facebook and work on her beautiful Pinterest boards.  Over the years we have made many new friends down here and enjoy just getting out of the cold and snow.  We’re very fortunate to be able to do this.

It was a joy to have Susan’s daughters come down for a week.  It was fun to shop with them and catch up on family, reading, and relaxing.  It was a gift I’ll remember for a very long time.