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IMG_3767 (212x350)August, Maine, and Summer mix well together.  The weather is luscious, the people are chill, the temperature is perfect, and the shopping is easy.  Outfits in August are wonderful because we get really serious about wearing less… a skirt, a t-shirt, sandals, swing bag, and one can be ready in a flash for any occasion.  The skirts featured in coral, brown, white, and black at both Visibility and Port Boutique are the absolute best because they fit, fit, fit – hiding any jiggles and lumps from too many lobster rolls!

Stop by Port Boutique and Visibility during the week.  In the Old Port at the Port Boutique store (7 days a week) on Wharf Street (across from Beal’s Ice Cream) or at Visibility (Tuesday – Saturdays) on 1041 Washington Avenue.