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…and it was pouring!

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Fun times at Port Boutique Labor Day 2013

What do you get when you put five fun ladies in Portland for the weekend on a rainy day — Fun at Port Boutique!  Labor Day 2013 was the worst rainy day the Old Port had all summer.  Shop owners closed or predicted a no show day.  Well, not so at Port Boutique.

Five of the best ladies dropped in out of the rain and stayed for a lifetime, as they say – well, friends for a lifetime.  Individually and collectively this group was fun!  A mixed bag of connections – childhood friends, sisters-in-law, sisters… to be honest, I was pretty confused with the connections, but it really didn’t matter.  I just loved their energy and flexibility.  They were from the Boston area, New Hampshire, New York City, and I think Chicago… don’t know if I just made that up or it was for real.

Notice the matching starfish t-shirts.  They tried them on, cut the tags, and wore them as a group!  too funny!   – that was only the beginning.  The came, they bought, they enjoyed!

Carie, Mary, and Susan (with the help of  Connie, and Tzena) have all had the opportunities to meet some fabulous ladies this summer.  We shared it was our first summer owning Port Boutique, and they all supported us bountifully!  Our goal is to continue to make customer service paramount at Port Boutique by offering appropriate styles for all sizes, colors for all seasons, and prices affordable to please.

Thank you everyone!  We hope to see everyone during the next months as we are filling Port Boutique and Visibility with our fall lines now!