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Fashion Show at The Atrium

Mary Lou Martindell – age 98 missed the group photo op – but we found her out and about showing friends her outfit…

Visibility was invited to The Atrium at The Cedars – a retirement home in North Deering – to present a Spring Fashion Show for the residents and guests on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  We had six of the residents as models: Sue Clinton, Julie Stokes, Chip Allen, Fidelis Taylor, Fran Hoffman, Margot Cliff.  Not pictured in the group photo was Mary Lou Martindell, the oldest member at The Cedars age 98; she was off showing her friends her outfit.

The Models came over to Visibility and picked out their outfits with Carie and Helen.  We then packed everything up including accessories the day of the show and dressed everyone in their outfits.  They all looked stunning.  The models were very flexible and enjoyable throughout the day which made the whole event so much fun.

Susan emceed while Carie and Mary accessorized and also contributed their expertise on how to dress for spring. We are in the planning stages of another event and will keep everyone updated.



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